The Barrack

Just after the First World War Baron Gaston de Vinck builds a concrete emergency home to house his family when returning from France. Exactly 100 years on Baron de Vinck’s barack has been restored and is ready to accommodate you in the atmosphere from then.

Do you feel like living like 100 years ago? Book holiday home “Barak de Vinck” and feel thrown back with max. 4 persons to 1919. In the barrack you will find everything needed: household goods, oil lamps, firewood, a water pump and a very good retro stove to heat the barrack and to cook. Everything is there to be perfectly lodged as in 1919.

If by any chance you miss modern comfort, you can always open the emergency door and enter the modern part of the building. But… then you lose the challenge, you do not win the prize, you do not get a certificate and you pay extra charges.

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